Breast Reconstruction

breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a cosmetic remedy that addresses the loss or diminishment of one or both breasts. If you have undergone a mastectomy – or if you are facing the possibility of needing one in the near future – you should consider all of your options.

Dr. Justin Booth can coordinate his skillful, restorative efforts with your oncology team to deliver results worth celebrating. Together, your health care team can work to help you reclaim your pre-cancer physique. Contact Dr. Booth online or call 512-755-8478 to schedule an appointment in Austin, Texas. You are stronger than cancer, and we would be honored to join your fight.

Autologous Reconstruction

A mastectomy removes a significant amount of tissue from the breast to treat or prevent the spread of cancer. Even when a woman undergoes a lumpectomy to address more confined tumors, she may feel less complete than she did before the procedure. Dr. Booth can help replenish the look and feel of breasts with autologous reconstruction surgery.

“Autologous” means that the material used to reshape the breast is harvested from your own body. The flap method of breast reconstruction utilizes a graft of healthy skin, usually from the abdominal region, to rebuild the breast according to its former dimensions.  

Dr. Booth is a leading expert in DIEP flap reconstruction. DIEP stands for deep inferior epigastric perforator.[1][2] The flap of skin drawn from the abdominal region serves as a wealth of viability. The blood vessels in the DIEP donor material are integrated with the circulatory system lining the breast pocket. Your body takes over and adopts its own abdominal tissue, transforming it into thriving breast material.

Dr. Booth can work in concert with an oncology specialist to plan ahead for an autologous breast reconstruction procedure.

Sometimes, flap reconstruction can be achieved simultaneously with a mastectomy. This means you need only one surgical appointment instead of two. Dr. Booth can ease your burden and schedule a reconstruction procedure that fits your lifestyle and schedule. The less downtime you need to endure, the more you can live the life you deserve. 

Implant-Based Reconstruction

breast reconstruction

Cancer can be draining, in multiple ways. It saps your strength and depletes your resolve, but you can beat it! If your body does not have enough viable material to contribute to autologous breast reconstruction, as described above, you may require implants to complete the job.

Dr. Booth can work with the natural contours of your body to precisely place the implant in the breast pocket.[3] Our Austin clinic offers a wide variety of options, both silicone and saline, to achieve the look and feel you desire. From teardrop-shaped implants to “gummy bear” textured models, you can design your own destiny, courtesy of Dr. Booth.

A Combined Approach

When it comes to your continued health and happiness, we should take a comprehensive approach. Implants may suit some women, autologous reconstruction works better for others, but there is a third category that blends the two disciplines.

Dr. Booth can draw inspiration from both reconstructive techniques to craft the results you desire. Breast implants provide volume while fat grafting smooths out the edges, wrapping your new implants in the natural texture and appeal of your own biological tissue.[4]   

Contact Dr. Booth to discuss whether the combined method of breast reconstruction will satisfy your wellness and aesthetic goals.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Appearance and attitude go hand in hand. When your exterior reflects your internal emotions, you can enjoy harmony of body and mind. After mastectomy surgery, some women just don’t feel like themselves. Breast reconstruction can alleviate the discord between pre-cancer and post-cancer states of being.

Dr. Booth can orchestrate the best way to achieve your ideal self.

By reconciling your physical needs after a mastectomy operation, we may be able to elevate your psychological well-being. You can look at your own body and feel powerful again instead of bearing the constant reminder of how cancer affected you.

Breast Reconstruction Benefits

  • Customized to the needs of each woman
  • Increases confidence
  • Tailored to the physicality of the individual

To experience the benefits of breast reconstruction for yourself, please call 512-755-8478.

Eligible Candidates

Women who have undergone mastectomy surgery are ideal candidates for breast reconstruction. Even if your mastectomy appointment is scheduled for a future date, you can explore the possibilities of combining breast reconstruction with cancer removal in one comprehensive procedure.

Dr. Booth can determine your eligibility for autologous reconstruction during your private consultation. If you do not have sufficient tissue to contribute to a fat grafting procedure, Dr. Booth may recommend breast implants instead.  

Private Consultation in Austin

A meeting with Dr. Booth is an empowering experience. He wants to help you preserve as much healthy breast tissue as possible while bolstering it with any necessary additional material to achieve your cosmetic goals.

In short: Dr. Booth is on Team You.

Feel free to bring your oncologist’s contact information with you to your consultation with Dr. Booth. He can coordinate his aesthetic efforts with your ongoing medical journey to create the best strategy to fit your life plan. Be prepared to share the details of your past procedures and any upcoming appointments you may have. Dr. Booth wants to work within the parameters of your schedule; the last thing you need is more complications on your calendar.

Contact our Austin office today and get ready for a brighter tomorrow.


The preparation for your breast reconstruction will be customized to you.

In general, it is advisable to quit smoking at least three weeks before any surgery. Tobacco products interfere with your overall health as well as your ability to heal from an invasive procedure. 

Dr. Booth may also ask you to stop taking certain blood-thinning and or anti-inflammatory medications prior to breast reconstruction. Some supplements can increase the risk of bruising or bleeding, so be sure to inform Dr. Booth of any meds you are currently taking.

Depending on the size of the implants you request, Dr. Booth may need to gradually expand the breast pocket to ready it for augmentation. This may require one or two months of preparation to allow for proper tissue expansion without placing undue stress on the body. Tissue expanders are usually not associated with autologous reconstruction surgeries.

Breast Reconstruction Procedure

On the day of your procedure, you will be made to feel right at home.

Dr. Booth will answer any questions you may have as he reviews the details of your surgery. He will also explain what to expect in fine detail.

You will receive the appropriate level of anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Booth will recreate the breast mound from your pre-cancer days, either using your own autologous tissue or a breast implant. If you require reconstruction of the nipple or areola, Dr. Booth can discuss your options as part of your comprehensive consultation.

Healthy Recovery

Immediately following your breast reconstruction procedure, you will be fitted for a supportive, elastic bra or bandage. This will help minimize swelling and discomfort.

Recovery is a lifelong process. We encourage you to share your progress with us and return as often as you need so that Dr. Booth can check on your well-being. You may need to have drains removed several days after your procedure, once all excess fluid has vacated the breast pocket. Most importantly: we urge you to get plenty of rest. You’ve earned it!

Empowering Results

The goal of breast reconstruction is to emulate the curves you had before cancer darkened your doorstep. While we can never truly turn back time, we can embrace the best of the past while surging ever forward.

To get a glimpse of your future satisfaction, please visit our reviews page. Dr. Booth’s top priority is your happiness, and he is eager to bring your goals to fruition.


How much does breast reconstruction cost in Austin, Texas?

The price of your procedure depends on the specifics of your case. Autologous reconstruction involves a two-tiered approach: harvestation and integration. Breast implants also carry an array of costs due to the varied nature of your options. Call 512-755-8478 with any questions you may have about the price of breast reconstruction in Austin, Texas.

Are breast implants safe?

Breast implants are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so they are safe and effective for augmenting the size of your breasts. The FDA recommends that implants be refreshed or removed after 10-15 years, so Dr. Booth can explain your long-term goals and how implants fit into your plan. If autologous breast reconstruction is a better fit for you, Dr. Booth can walk you through this process. Contact us soon and let’s start a conversation about your best self.


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