Autologous Breast Reconstruction (DIEP Flap)

A mastectomy removes a significant amount of tissue from the breast to treat or prevent the spread of cancer. Even when a woman undergoes a lumpectomy to address more confined tumors, she may feel less complete than she did before the procedure. Dr. Booth can help replenish the look and feel of breasts with autologous reconstruction surgery.

“Autologous” means that the material used to reshape the breast is harvested from your own body. The flap method of breast reconstruction utilizes a graft of healthy skin, usually from the abdominal region, to rebuild the breast according to its former dimensions.  

Dr. Booth can ease your burden and schedule a reconstruction procedure that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Dr. Booth is a leading expert in DIEP flap reconstruction. DIEP stands for deep inferior epigastric perforator. The flap of skin drawn from the abdominal region serves as a wealth of viability. The blood vessels in the DIEP donor material are integrated with the circulatory system lining the breast pocket. Your body takes over and adopts its own abdominal tissue, transforming it into thriving breast material. Dr. Booth can work in concert with an oncology specialist to plan ahead for an autologous breast reconstruction procedure. Sometimes, flap reconstruction can be achieved simultaneously with a mastectomy. This means you need only one surgical appointment instead of two. The less downtime you need to endure, the more you can live the life you deserve.